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What Makes HotKey Better than the Competition?

The new HotKey adapts to all devices and screen sizes. It will look great on a big monitor and on the smallest phones. 
Every time a new customer (you) comes to us wanting their site enhanced by a content management system, we tailor HotKey to work for your design and needed functionality. This is not a cookie-cutter application. This is an application customized for your specific needs! And the great thing is you get this at the same or better price as the hard-to-use applications provided by our competitors!
Small & Tight
We are a small, tight, and lightweight company that has been creating sites since April of 1995. Yes this also means you can depend on us to stay around for you and all the other clients who depend on us. We want HotKey to grow and spread.
How do you do it?
We believe the way to do that is to want YOU to succeed and grow. If you grow, we benefit. Here is how we do it:
(a) create a powerful, flexible, and easy to use web application;
(b) listen to you and customize the application to your needs; and
(c) price it equal to or lower than the competition.

New version being built using Microsoft's ASP.Net. We are slowly replacing all the Classic ASP parts with ASP.Net parts.

Not everyone needs the power and features of HotKey and you can bet if you call us and talk to us about your specific needs, we will be honest in telling you if it is right for you.
Call us now at 512-497-4841 or send email
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