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How Spam Filtering Works for OceanMedia Members

How spammers get your email address

When you give retailers or e-tailers your email address


Your web site:
If your email address
is on your web site,
spammer "bots" will
find it

The "good"
emails you want to get through

All email goes here first

Email Server


Spam Filtering

Spam Rating

Green path

OceanMedia uses
advanced spam filtering:

Yellow path


Add "spam-low"
to the subject line
No one solution does it all so we use a combination of the following tools: Add "spam-low" to the subject line


Add "spam-medium" to the subject line - Spam Assassin
- SpamCop
- Bayesian Filtering
- Reverse DNS Lookup
Move to "Junk Mail" folder on the server


Add "spam-high" to the subject line - SPF analysis Move to "Deleted"
folder on the server

Check your webmail when on a trip or to add addresses to your "Trusted Senders" list. Webmail:
Check your mail online using a web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. Log in here:

Check your webmail Junk Mail folder often and add addresses to your "Trusted Senders" list on webmail

All mail is labeled (subject line is modified) and passed to your computer

Handy tip: In your webmail Junk E-Mail folder, checkmark one or more emails, click "ACTION" then "Unmark as Spam" and the senders of those emails will be added to your "Trusted Senders" list.

Only "spam-low" email is passed to your computer

Your Email Program
(Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.)


Your phone or PDA (Blackberry, Treo, etc.)

Create rules in
your email program to automatically move "spam-medium" mail to "junk" or "spam" folder and "spam-high" mail to "deleted
items" folder
Some PDAs have rule-making capability.
If your PDA does not, best to use the "Junk Mail" folder and the "Trusted Senders" area on webmail.

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