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Product Index

Notice the new item in your Admin Menu titled
"Recreate entire product list and product index for Google"

What does it do and why?

Currently, when Google spiders your site, it will see all product pages using the same page, "view_details.asp" with a bunch of parameters after the "view_details.asp". It looks like this:

view_details.asp?ID_page=2&ID_cell=10&ID=17 &s_type_sub=product&b_buyable=True&n_size=7

Google doesn't like it. In fact, Google will ignore all your products pages... UNTIL NOW.

I've created a routine in your Admin Menu that will create a page called "product_index.asp" AND it will also create one product page for every product in your database. So... give it a try. Go to your Admin Menu and click on:
"Recreate entire product list and product index for Google"

Next step will be to put a link somewhere on your site, whether it be the front page or your main products page. I recommend your main products page. The link should go to "products_index.asp". This will allow google to get there. Oh and if your customers stumble on that page, it's okay. I set things up so these product pages use the same formatting as your typical product pages.

Later I'll gussy up the product index page so it has prices and thumbnail images. But for now it is purely something for Google to help you get your rankings up.
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