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Getting Started Editing Your Site

In order to manage your site, you need to sign in. These instructions will be easier to understand if you know the definition of this word: URL. It stands for "Uniform Resource Locator". If you want 1000 nerd points, read the article on Wikipedia about URL. Or just think of it as the address of a web page. For example, the URL of the page you are on now is: Now that you understand URL, it is easier to tell you how to sign in. 
Let's pretend your domain name is "". What you need to do is click in the Address Bar of your browser that shows the URL and modify the URL to be: Then hit the RETURN key.
Voila! Now you should be on the sign in web page. Unless you changed your user name already, it should be your email address. If you don't know your password, that is OK, just click the link you see on the sign in page that says "I forgot this", which will take you to a page where you can get your username and password emailed to you.
Advice: before you click the "Sign in" button, we recommend you check the box that says "Automatically sign me in during future visits".
Note: If you ever want to sign out so that another person can sign in on the same computer using their account, go to the forget_me.asp page. Again, to get to that page, you first type the URL of your site and then a slash symbol. So the end result looks like this:

Use the menus at the top (or left) of your site to navigate to the page you want to work on.  
Click the "[edit page]" link at the top left of your page. You will be taken to "the editor" where you can make changes to the content of a page. Notice the two rows of buttons near the top? There are two ways to get familiar with these buttons. One way is to click the little life preserver icon you see at the top right, just above the buttons. It looks like this: . That will bring up a new window, the OceanMedia HotKey Help Page. We highly recommend you click on the icons in the left column of this Help Page to watch the short animations that show how to use those buttons. Also, please note in the right column are instructions for some common tasks.
Nothing will change on your site until you click the "Save" button on this page. Also important to know is that any time you edit a page, a backup is automatically made. You can find backups by:
(a) go to  Show Pages;
(b)  Show auto backups: Restore an old page; and
(c) clicking the  icon next to your old page version in the "Restore Page" column.
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