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What Are Cookies?
Cookies are nothing more than tiny bits of text stored on your PC by your web browser, containing information set by web sites such as your session token, user preferences, or anything else that the web site needs to keep track of you from one request to the next. Once the web site has asked your browser to set the cookie, the next time your browser opens a new request to the server -- clicking a link to a page, adding an item to your cart, or even loading an image -- your browser will send that cookie back to the web site that set the cookie.

Cookies exist because the web is stateless… Each request from your browser is completely separate from the next one, so the server needs a way to keep track of what request belongs to what visitor. By storing a small bit of information in a cookie, the web site can determine that your page view belongs to your user account.

There are two "categories" of cookies: either first-party or third-party cookies.  First-party cookies are those cookies that belong to sites you actually visited in your browser, while third-party cookies, also known as tracking cookies, are generated from a Javascript include on the page -- generally from third-party advertising web sites.

OceanMedia does not use third-party cookies.

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