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Export Site to HTML

What if at some point you want to move to another provider or stop using our content management system? The goal here is to make it as easy for you to leave as it was to arrive. We want you to stay for positive reasons, not due to feeling trapped!

Normally you might ask for and get FTP access so you can quickly grab the HTML and images from your site or even have me zip it all up and send it to you. However, because you are using our Content Management System, HotKey, the content of your site actually resides in a database. The only files are ASP files that, when you browse to them, they pull data from the database. They do have some content in them but those ASP files have many links to subfiles that define header, footer, left side, right side, and various functions. So: you have two choices:

 (1) Use something like Web Site Downloader; currently $16.95 (or search Google for a free equivalent; plenty exist), point it at your site, and within minutes your entire site will be rebuilt on your local system as HTML files.


 (2) We will export your site to a format that does not depend on HotKey's database. We will charge our normal hourly rate (currently $75/hour) for this process. Time will depend on size and complexity of your site. Minimum two hours.

Please note:

 Upon export, all of HotKey's functionality will be lost. That means calendars, shopping carts, user database (we can export the user database to an Excel file for you). Also, someone with at least basic HTML knowledge will need to go thru the code of each page of your site and remove references to certain HotKey-specific files that will no longer work for you or pay OceanMedia to do this.*

 If agreeable to both parties (you and OceanMedia), we will convert your site to pure HTML for you. We charge our normal hourly rate of $75/hour for this service.*

 Please give us as much notice as possible. We will try our best to do this conversion asap but please understand all projects are first come first serve and the odds are you are in line behind at least one or two projects. Please give us as much notice as you can.

Finally, when we say goodbye, we want you to leave feeling well- and fairly-treated. We're going to do our best to keep you happy. So please, do your part by communicating with us. If something isn't working for you, please let us know asap.

NOTE: It is not OceanMedia's responsibility to make your site run on any of the various types of web servers out there. Your site was developed to run in a very specific environment and it is your responsibility, when leaving OceanMedia, to do what it takes to get your site running with your new host. The good news is it shouldn't take much work because we write clean code :)

*Due to the nature of this work (client leaving), OceanMedia reserves the right to ask for payment up front.

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